5 Tips For Roof Maintenance in Royal Oak Michigan You Shouldn’t Avoid

5 Tips For Roof Maintenance in Royal Oak Michigan You Shouldn't Avoid

With every roof comes a lot of responsibility, making sure your roof is up to date and not suffering from any issues is key to prolonging its lifespan. Roofing maintenance in Royal Oak Michigan should be kept up with from any homeowner, as neglecting it could result in serious damage to your roof, as well as shortening its lifespan drastically in some cases. If you want a healthy roof that won’t fail during storms or other harsh weathers, then keeping your homes roof in the best condition possible is your best bet.

5 Tips For Roof Maintenance in Royal Oak Michigan You Shouldn’t Avoid

Roof maintenance that’s kept up with can ensure your roof is in tip top shape, ensuring that there won’t be serious and expensive problems in the future due to lack of care. This happens everyday as many homeowners tend to neglect the steps to prolong the life of their house’s roof. Although roof maintenance can be tiring and a hassle for many homeowners, serious and expensive repairs could be common if your roofs maintenance is often neglected. So to keep up with your roofs maintenance needs, follow these 5 tips to ensure your homes roof will stay in great shape.

Roofing Inspection Royal Oak MI

Don’t Forget Your Roofs 20th Birthday

Asphalt shingles typically last anywhere from 20 to 30 years with the proper maintenance needed, so it’s highly recommended that you schedule a professional roofing inspection on your roofs 20th birthday, to ensure it’s not reaching the end of it’s lifespan. This is crucial as your roof could be constantly having problems, which in some cases may be the signs of a roof that has reached the end of its lifespan. It could be cheaper and less of a hassle to go ahead and replace your roof.

Clear Debris From Your Roof

If you live in an area with trees around your home, it can be common to see leaves and twigs that have gathered on the roof of your house. This can actually be bad for your roof, if the debris starts building up, it can allow water to become trapped in it and cause strain on your homes roof. This could lead to roof leakage, sagging, and water damage to your roofs foundation. Cleaning your roof is simply done by using a broom and sweeping it off.

Get a Roof Inspection in Michigan

Schedule Professional Roof Inspections

Although 2020 was a rough year and not every homeowner wants to invest in a professional roof inspection, it could potentially pay off in the long run. If there’s any issues with your homes roof that is unseen by you, it could turn into major problems and require expensive repairs or a whole replacement, so bringing in a professional to look for signs that your roof is failing will grant you the ability to prevent that from happening.

Keep Your Gutters Clean

Gutter cleaning can be an annoying chore, but it’s necessary to keep your roof functioning properly. Gutters allow water to fall from your roof and away from your home, however if your gutters are clogged up, water can begin pooling on the edge of your roof and cause rotting wood, roof leaks, and mold. These can be prevented by cleaning out your gutters twice a year, unless you live in an area with a lot of trees, then they may need to be cleaned more regularly.

Don’t Neglect Roof Repairs

When a problem occurs to your roof, never neglect it. One mistake that plenty of homeowners tend to make is neglecting small problems that your roof is having, however these small problems can turn major very fast. If your homes roof is suffering from any types of issues, then invest in the repairs quickly before they become worse and even more expensive.

Although this year was a long and tough year for many homeowners, that doesn’t mean that roof maintenance should be put off, your roof will require plenty of maintenance to perform its best this year. Hiring a professional roofing contractor such as Royal Oak Remodeling Contractor to inspect your roof is a great way to start so that your roof won’t have any problems. Call us today to get started at 248-509-8010