Avoid Emergency Roof Repair in Royal Oak Michigan with These Tips

Keeping your home’s roof in good shape and protecting you and your family for many years means taking a more proactive approach to your roofing. Roof inspections and maintenance are a great way to ensure your roof will last a long time. However, there are sometimes problems that occur at the worst possible time and usually, that means hiring a roofer in Royal Oak Michigan to come out and make emergency roof repairs on your home. While this in itself is not a problem usually, it typically does cost a bit more than standard roof repair on your home.

Avoid Emergency Roof Repair in Royal Oak Michigan with These Tips

Severe weather is no joke when it comes to the beating it can give your roof. If your roof isn’t properly prepared for the winter season, you could end up making a lot of repairs, some even as an emergency in the dead of winter. There are so many things during the winter that can greatly impact your roof in a negative way, causing small to extensive and expensive damages.

Avoid Emergency Roof Repair in Royal Oak Michigan with These Tips

Here we will discuss just what some things to look out for could include. While we can’t control the weather, we can prepare for the worst and keep an eye out along the way to make sure we are doing our part to care for our roof.


  1. Winter Winds – With winter storms comes strong winter winds. If your roof isn’t prepared, these winds can pick up shingles and rip them from your roof. Loose shingles, or any other roof pieces, can be pulled off during a blustery winter storm, so always be sure to take a look around after a storm so that you can access and address damages asap.


  1. Condensation – While condensation is inevitable in the wintertime, you can prevent this from being extra problematic with proper attic insulation. When warm air meets a cold surface, the condensation will form, but a well-insulated attic can buffer this some, preventing mold and mildew issues that come with excess moisture. You also want to be sure your attic is properly ventilated so that moisture isn’t trapped inside.


  1. Ice Dams – These are formed when snow on your rooftop melts then refreezes in giant sheets of ice on your roof. They are often very common but are very problematic. Water can pool behind and under ice dams, which hold the potential for getting into your home. Any cracks or gaps in your roof could allow this water in, and this can cause major damages to your home.


  1. Tree Damage – Having big beautiful trees in your yard can come at a price. If limbs are left too long and hang over your roof, you could run the risk of them falling onto your roof in the winter. Snow and ice can break branches off of trees and bring them plummeting down onto your roof, causing severe damage.


  1. Icicles – While icicles are beautiful staples of the winter season, they are actually quite damaging to roofs. When a sunny day meets freezing temperatures, snow on rooftops melts down and refreezes to form icicles. These shiny magical looking things are actually heavier than you’d think and can both wear down your roof and be dangerous in the event they fell!


  1. Leaky Flashing – If you have a sloped roof, you likely are more at risk for flashing leaks. Flashing can loosen during winter weather storms if it wasn’t properly installed, and this can lead to water leaks. It’s recommended to get this inspected twice a year to be sure that any weak areas are found before leaks can occur.

In the event that something goes wrong with your roof during the winter, it is important to call someone out to take a look as soon as possible. Prolonged exposure could make things worse, or emergency repairs could be needed for the safety of your home and family!

If You Need Emergency Roof Repair in Royal Oak Michigan

Sometimes no matter what steps we take there is going to be some roof repairs needed on your home. Many roofing contractors will place temporary barriers such as tarps or plastic until the roof can be better inspected and repaired. If you need emergency roof repair on your home in Royal Oak Michigan be sure to call the experts at Royal Oak Remodeling Contractor today. We are fully licensed and insured and offer emergency roof repair in Royal Oak Michigan.

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