Building a Patio in Winter is a Great Idea in Michigan

Build a Deck or Patio in Winter

Once winter hits Michigan and Jack Frost starts to show his frigid side usually most people put off any home improvement project such as building a deck or building a patio to the spring. But there are many advantages of building a patio or a deck in winter. In this article I’ll go over why you may want to build your deck or patio in the winter. Even though it may seem like it may cost more and be more problems, you may be pleasantly surprised. 

Building a Patio in Winter is a Great Idea in Michigan

As with any home improvement project it always takes a certain amount of planning and design. Building a patio or deck is no different and there are many things you’ll want to consider when doing this home improvement project in Michigan. For those who have lived in Michigan for some time realize just how harsh the winters can be here. They also know that many of the projects are likely put off until spring or summer of the following year just because of the weather. But it doesn’t need to be this way. In fact, getting a deck built at your home or building a patio with stone or wood can be a great addition to your home. Here are some of the best things you can do to give yourself the best patio or deck available.

  • Build a walkway with steppers
  • Update current decking
  • Extend or expand patio or decking
  • Build out a new deck or patio

As you can see there are things you can do even in winter to make your home look much better. I’ll go over some of the advantages of building a patio or deck for your landscaping below.

Building a Patio in Winter is a Great Idea in Michigan

The Patio is Ready As Soon as Spring Gets Here

Do you really want to wait until spring along with everyone else to get their patio or deck done? Are do you want to walk out on your new deck or patio as soon as spring breaks? One of the advantages of doing a home improvement project like building a deck or patio during the winter is that it’s ready to use as soon as the weather permits. You can even have a winter barbeque if you like with patio heaters. If you wait until spring like everyone else chances are you’ll be facing a waiting list from most home improvement contractors because everyone else is considering the same thing.

Better Pricing in Winter Months Typically

Are you on a budget for building out your patio or deck? If so, consider getting the work done in the winter. Most home improvement contractors and landscapers that offer this service have less business and usually offer better pricing during down times. You can take advantage of these lower prices to get your deck or patio built cheaper while still getting the advantages of using a professional contractor too.

The Yard is Typically Available

Throwing a party or barbeque in the Summer for many people is a weekly or at least monthly item. That means that if you want to completely redo your deck or patio you will be on a time schedule. One of the best things about building a patio or deck in winter is that the yard is not used. There are no reasons why you need to rush and even the kids aren’t usually playing outside during the winter. This leaves the area fully open to building and construction which can be a huge bonus.

One of the best things about building a patio or deck in winter is that the yard is not used.

Don’t Forget About the Gardening

Talk with your landscaper about the gardening you wish to use in the patio if you’re adding any. Plants and trees that you consider planting may have a specific time of year to be planted. You may need to schedule the landscaper in advance however, you may be able to add some plants that are available year round.

Use a Professional Landscaper and Home Improvement Contractor

Although there are huge advantages of building a patio or deck in the Michigan winter it can also be a disaster if you don’t have a professional home improvement contractor in Michigan. Be sure you use a qualified home improvement contractor in your next project for best results.


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