Choosing the Right Materials for Low Slope Roofs in Royal Oak Michigan

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Roofs come in one of two categories: steep slope and low slope. Most roofing in Royal Oak Michigan will fall in the steep slope category to provide an incline for moisture and debris to fall off. But you can also consider a flat, or low slope roof, for your home or business. If you want to go with a low slope roof, you will need to make up for the lack of incline with greater protection. This makes your choice of materials absolutely crucial in the health of your roof.

Choosing the Right Materials for Low Slope Roofs in Royal Oak Michigan

Most of the residential homes in Michigan have a steep roof which can better allow snow to fall from the roof. As winter goes into full force the buildup of snow on the roof can become a concern and a steep roof can help with that. For commercial buildings which have a larger area to cover a steep sloped roof may not be ideal as the height of the roof would likely become too high. For most of those applications a flat roof or a low sloped roof is used. There are many factors to consider for your roof and things you should look for in either case. We’ll take a look at some of the things you should consider about your roof below:

Choosing the Right Materials for Low Slope Roofs in Royal Oak Michigan

Factors to Consider About Your Roof

To make sure you are giving your roof the best chance of success, you need to consider certain factors.

Slope Range

No matter what material you choose, there will always be a slope range provided. The slope range provides you with the incline range in which that material performs best. If you have a low slope roof, you need to pick materials that fall into that slope range.

Durability of the Roof

Because of the lack of incline, your roof materials need to be more durable than on a steep slope roof. This is because debris, moisture and snow can all sit for long periods of time until manually removed. Without enough durability, you can quickly see your roof materials deteriorate and damage become evident. It is well worth the money to spend more on thicker, stronger materials that will hold up better in the long run, than to have to spend money on repairs and replacement much sooner than necessary.

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Snow and rain will take much longer to get off your roof, and may need to be removed manually to get it off at all. This makes weatherproofing critical. You don’t want the moisture and snow to be melting and freezing, making proper insulation a must. The added insulation will increase the barrier between the interior and exterior of your home, making it harder for the temperatures to mingle and impact the moisture sitting on your roof.

Membrane Used

A membrane is a must for any low slope roof material to help prevent pooling water from damaging your roof. There are several different types of membranes you can choose from for protecting your roof, so it is important to consider your environment when selecting your materials. Membrane options range from common materials like EPDM, PVC or something more complex like BUR. BUR membranes, also known as built-up roof or polymer-modified bitumen membranes, are not single-ply and are more desirable for protecting your roof. They are also more expensive that the EPDM or PVC option.


Whether you have a low slope or steep slope roof, it is important to consider the warranties that come with the materials. Manufacturers will offer warranties on their materials to help guarantee their quality and entice buyers. For low slope roofs, material warranties are a must. Look for long warranties that offer lots of coverage and make sure to check for loopholes. While the number of years may be large in the warranty, the coverage may be minimal when you consider what will actually be covered.

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Most home owners are basically stuck with whatever roof they currently have installed. However, if you’re planning an addition to your home or adding another level, you should certainly consider the slope of the roof. Be sure to call Royal Oak Remodeling Contractor today at 248-509-8010 to discuss your project and get expert advice as well as a free quote for the project.