Common Causes for a Roof Leak in Royal Oak Michigan

Common Causes for a Roof Leak in Royal Oak Michigan

As many know, a roof leak can be a disaster and a stressful problem that can occur at any given time really. Even though water seems so harmless, it’s actually a big threat to your home’s roof. It can find its way through your roof’s foundation and into your home without any notice, leaving you to dish out money to have it fixed before it begins causing more problems to your home. If you’ve ever experienced a roof leak in Royal Oak Michigan, you know how frustrating it can be to find the source of your problem and how to find out how to prevent that problem from happening again. That’s why we’re here to help you and guide you through warning signs that could let you know why your roof is leaking.

Common Causes for a Roof Leak in Royal Oak Michigan

With that being said, we’ll also dive into why it’s important to have your roof repaired immediately if a roof leak has occurred. If you’re wondering to yourself, what damage could possibly be done if you just put a bucket under your roof leak and just wait a little while. Well, the damage can get pretty severe and certainly cause a lot of problems to your home and your roofing system, it will ultimately lead to you spending a lot more money for other repairs needing to be done. So let’s begin going over some warning signs that are causing or could cause your roof to begin leaking.

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Dark Stains On Your Ceiling

This may or may not be known for a lot of homeowners, but it’s definitely a sign that your roof has a leak. If you notice any dark stains on your ceiling, then you’ll find out soon enough that your roof has sprung a leak. This is also a big indication that the roof leak has been present for far too long. As water doesn’t just get to your ceiling, it has to bypass other obstacles such as your roof’s foundation, insulation, and more just to get to your ceiling. So if your ceiling has dark stains, have a professional repair it quickly.

Missing Shingles From Your Roof

If you look at your roof from your yard and perhaps there’s shingles that have gone missing, then it doesn’t necessarily mean your roof is leaking. But it’s bound to happen in time. Shingles serve the purpose of allowing water to flow down onto each other until it’s reached your gutters. When shingles are missing though, it allows water to get underneath your other shingles and begin water damaging your home’s roof.

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Inspect Your Attic

If you have an attic, then a good idea is to go into it in the daytime, preferably when the sun is shining brightly. Turn off the lights and take a good look around to see if any sunlight is passing through your home’s roof and into your attic. If it is, then you know you have a roof leak on your hands. This is a great way to tell if you’ve got a leak, whatever caused it could be unknown but at least you can find the problem before it finds you.

Flashing Damage

Flashing is metal pieces that connect to your home’s roof with sealant, it acts as a water resistant barrier to eliminate water from entering your home due to aspects being installed on your roof. Flashing goes around things such as your chimney, ventilations, and other things. Your flashing could be damaged, a good inspection will determine if this is the cause of your problems or not.

Why You Shouldn’t Wait

When roof leaks occur, it can certainly be stressful. Many homeowners will make the mistake to neglect having a roof leak repaired because of how tiny the roof leak may be or so on. This is definitely not the right thing to do. Waiting to have a roof leak repaired can cause serious issues and damage to your home and your belongings. Things such as mold and mildew can begin growing, even a house fire could arise as water could come in contact with exposed wiring running behind the walls of your home. So it’s definitely not a good idea to ever wait, hire a professional roofing company such as Royal Oak Remodeling Contractor as soon as you notice a leak to have it repaired.