Common Myths About Roofing in Royal Oak Michigan You Should Know

Common Myths About Roofing in Royal Oak Michigan You Should Know

When your roof fails and you need a new roof installed, you’ll hear many so called facts and myths about getting a new roof. While some of these facts have some merit, others are simply myths and don’t apply to every roof. In fact, some of the myths we’ll cover below don’t apply to any type of roofing system. That’s why it’s so important to have a fully qualified roofer in Royal Oak Michigan install your new roof so you’ll know it’s done right. There are options that are available as well which can help save money on your new roof.

Common Myths About Roofing in Royal Oak Michigan You Should Know

The biggest myth that you’ll hear when considering a new roof is price. And while sometimes the new roof will cost the same as it did 5 years ago, in some cases it won’t. Since asphalt shingles have petroleum in them the prices fluctuate from month to month and year to year. Not quite as bad as gasoline prices, but they do change. You may have a friend who had a new roof installed a few years ago when the prices were high or low and that can be why it’s different than today. Not only the shingles themselves but other roofing materials can fluctuate greatly as well including things like flashing which can be affected by metal prices. With that being said, comparing prices can be okay as long as they are from the same era and with the same options. Such as materials and such.

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This big disparity when it comes to materials and such can leave many home owners confused and when you throw in some of the myths that are often touted below even by roofing contractors, it can certainly make getting a roof replacement on your home an increasingly stressful time.

Your Old Roof Must Be Completely Removed

One of the biggest myths you’ll hear is that the roof on your home must be completely removed before installing the new roof. For tear off roof replacement, it’s true that the old roof is removed and the roof is stripped down to the roof decking and then a new roof is installed. However, you can get a roof over which is a new layer of shingles installed directly on top of the old roof. You can only have two layers of shingles on your roof however. Without the labor costs and debris removal costs when you leave the old roof in place can give you a huge savings on the roof replacement overall which is why many people choose this option. Of course, there are some drawbacks that you’ll need to consider.

Gutters Are Not Important

In order to properly direct water away from the roof of your home you’ll need gutters installed. For large valleys on your home the water from both roofs will converge and during times of heavy rain can be quite a powerful flow if there aren’t gutters to direct it away. Pouring water from your roof in areas like this can damage your landscaping as well as cause problems with your foundation. Make sure to include gutters in your roofing project.

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You Don’t Need Extra Ice Dam Protection

Having the extra ice dam protection on your home is much less expensive than you may realize. It’s one of those things where it’s so much better to have it and not need it rather than to need it and not have it. And since it can be quite brutally cold in winters here in Royal Oak, having extra ice dam protection is a must.

Roof Flashing Don’t Need to Be Replaced

Some roofers will install a new roof without removing and replacing flashing which can be problematic later. Over time flashing will start to corrode and break down which can end up as a roof leak. It’s doesn’t make much since not to replace this flashing when a new roof is installed.

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