Dangers Of A Leaking Roof in Royal Oak Michigan

Dangers Of A Leaking Roof in Royal Oak Michigan

Heavy rains are a pretty common occurrence here in Michigan and can be quite troublesome when it gets inside your home. If you notice discoloration in your ceiling or even notice water dripping you should look into it immediately. A leak in your home’s roof could quickly cost you your entire home. After you notice a leak you should set up a roofing inspection with a roofing contractor in Royal Oak Michigan as soon as you can. A contractor will be able to see more damage than just the average person can. Another great thing about hiring a professional is that they will make sure they fix everything exactly like it’s supposed to be.

Dangers Of A Leaking Roof in Royal Oak Michigan

The first thing you should do when noticing a leak is try to contain the water. If you notice the water dripping from your ceiling you should place a bucket or something similar on the floor to catch the water. This will ensure that your floor doesn’t get damaged by the water also. If your roof isn’t leaking, but you notice discoloration, you should poke a hole right in the center. As strange as it may seem, it will end up helping your roof a lot more then if it wasn’t dripping. Doing this will allow the pool of water to smoothly drain.

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If you leave the pool of water up there for too long it could end up causing your entire roif to cave in. Make sure before poking a hole in your ceiling that you have a bucket on the ground to catch the water that’ll come out.

If you can find exactly where the leak is coming from you can try and install a tarp on the roof to help stop the water from coming in. Remember though, this is just a temporary fix. You still need to look into getting it fixed as soon as you can. If you are unsure where the leak is coming from or just can’t get to it. You can contact a contractor and most offer a 24 hour emergency service.

The risk you take ignoring a leaking roof

As soon as you notice a leaking roof you should look into at least having it inspected immediately. No matter how much it seems like it will, it’ll never fix itself. Normally the longer you wait, the more danger it’ll leave you with. Many people make the mistake of ignoring discoloration in their ceiling or even a leak. Doing this could end up costing you your entire home very quickly. About half of roof repairs could be preventable if people got leaks fixed as soon as they notice them.

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You should get your roof inspected at least once a year. Many times an inspection could save you money on repairs. Most of the time when you find a leak in your home it is too late to just patch it up. Most of the time the water is just puddled up in your ceilings and will need some serious repairs, if not a whole new roof.

On the outside of your home you should look for any missing or damaged shingles, loose materials around chimneys or vents, clogged or slow draining gutters, or wear and tear on your chimney or vents. When looking on the interior of your home, you should look for discoloration in your ceiling, sagging or bulging in your ceiling, or spots where you can see the sun shine through. Knowing exactly what you’re looking for when inspecting your home’s roof could end up saving you from very costly repairs.

When you ignore a leak for any period of time it could end up developing mold or mildew in your home. This could be very dangerous for you and your families health. Mold and mildew could also damage all the wood in your home and that could be very costly, especially if you have a wooden foundation in your home.

What you think is just a small leak could even end up destroying your whole home. That one little small leak could end up ruining the walls in your home and even the foundation. If that happens then your home could potentially have structural damage. It might take a long time for this to actually happen but either way you shouldn’t take the chance.

Getting at least one inspection a year is highly recommended because it could end up saving you plenty of money in the long run. Don’t brush off leaks and hope they go away, because they won’t. You should always get them fixed as soon as possible. Be sure to give us a call here at Royal Oak Remodeling Contractor for a roof inspection on your home.