Don’t Ignore These Signs Your Home Windows are Failing in Royal Oak Michigan

It may seem like the windows in your home are performing well, it may not be the case. In fact, many times windows are failing and home owners don’t even realize it. Of course, when a glass is broken in the window the home owner will realize but there are other ways a home window can fail. Here are some signs that your home windows are failing or in need of repair. If your windows have any of these problems be sure to call the best windows contractor in Royal Oak Michigan which is Royal Oak Remodeling Contractor. 

Don’t Ignore These Signs Your Home Windows are Failing in Royal Oak Michigan

The first thing you’ll need to realize with all home windows is that they aren’t made the same. There are many different grades of windows from lower quality windows which are not very energy efficient to high grade windows which have many added benefits. If your house is 15 years old or more, you should consider checking which condition your windows are in. Changing worn-out windows makes the home look better and it as well reduces your energy bills because most newer windows are going to be more energy efficient. It is crucial to ensure they are of good quality so as to keep your home warmer. Also the kinds of windows you select play a major role in how long they will last. Some of the signs your home’s windows are failing are:

Don't Ignore These Signs Your Home Windows are Failing in Royal Oak Michigan

1. The windows are letting in cold air as well as drafts

This is a key signal that the windows in your home are not performing proficiently and you should seriously consider replacing them. If your home has one-pane glasses you should probably consider replacing them with double glazing or double pane glass which reduces the amount of cold air and drafts leaving your home warmer. Double glazing can as well become less effective as it gets older when you feel drafts on the frames of your window, it might be a failing seal on your window or it does not work properly.

2. Daylight on the windows edge

While windows should allow the warmth and light of the sun in it should only do so with the glass portion of the window. If you notice light or air coming in through the sides of the windows you should have your windows checked and likely replaced.

3. Fading furniture

When sunlight leaks through your windows, they cause the furniture as well as carpet to fade. This is a sign that you should replace your windows. Newer windows have a special coating that can block UV rays from entering your home and fading carpet and furniture.

4. Opening or closing your windows has become problematic

Windows which are hard and rigid to either open or close are very annoying and are as well a sign that your windows are not functioning correctly. If they are closing by themselves then you should think of getting their replacement soonest possible since they can be a major inconvenience and a safety hazard as well.

5. Damage to the windows can be seen

Windows undergo a lot and it is expected that they will have some visible wear and tear. Marks and scratches are not so much an issue since they can be wiped and washed away very easily. Though, if your windows have rotting frames or cracked frames, you should consider replacing them since they can cause major damage to your house. Molds, as well as damp, often grow on the windows if they are cracked and they are not properly insulating your house.

6. Condensation

This is the most common issue that affects the proper performance of windows and it can lead to more issues in your home. If you have noticed that condensation is assembling on the inside of your window it shows that there is a problem with ventilation and replacing your windows with better quality ones which will assist to reduce the condensation.

The major problem with condensation is if it forms between tow window panes of glass, this confirms that your double glazing is not functioning properly and it won`t keep your house warm and will need to be replaced quickly.When you are ready to replace the old inefficient window panes consult a professional. The above signs your home’s windows are failing should be something you should take very seriously especially during the cold season.

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