Don’t Let Water Damage in West Bloomfield Michigan Ruin Your Home

When most people consider water damage in their homes they always think of floods or storms that seem to constantly flash across the news. But, for many home owners the threat of flooding in their home seems remote at best. However, that doesn’t mean they can’t have water damage in their homes. In fact, many homes are damaged by water from other things that aren’t associated with a flood. For home owners that have water damage in West Bloomfield Michigan that damage could have occurred for a variety of reasons. In either case, there are some crucial steps you’ll want to take to protect your home from getting any more damage than it already has. 

Don’t Let Water Damage in West Bloomfield Michigan Ruin Your Home

As I mentioned above water damage can be caused by all sorts of things. I’ll go into the causes of water damage in more details below. But you’ll need to consider just how much your home has been damaged by water and if the damage is still occurring or has it stopped. On things like a leaking roof, once the rain has stopped and there is no ice or snow on your roof the water damage may be at a stop. However, for some things such as broken pipes the water damage can be increasing with each minute. So whenever you have any sort of water damage in your home it’s always best to get it repaired quickly and professionally so that it doesn’t happen again and you stop the damage that is already occurred.

Don't Let Water Damage in West Bloomfield Michigan Ruin Your Home

Common Causes of Water Damage in The Home

Natural disasters such as floods or storms that pass through the West Bloomfield Michigan area is always a concern and there isn’t much we can do about it. Local building codes were designed to protect your home as much as possible during a big storm but it’s never a certainty. Your home may be damaged by flooding or a storm that comes through. You may also have other things that go wrong which can give you just as much water damage to your home. When a roof leak develops it can allow water to enter the home and damage areas. You may also have plugged drains that allow bathtubs, toilets, or sinks to over flow with water causing damage. During winter there is also a risk of water pipes freezing and bursting. If this happens it can allow a lot of water into your home quickly and cause a lot of damage before you even realize it’s happening.

The Risks of Water Damage in Your Home

When water enters your home almost everything it touches can be damaged. Because most of the components inside your home simply aren’t designed to take on water it causes problems. From the insulation in the walls and attic to the walls and ceilings themselves which can be damaged by water. Water can also contribute to mold growth in your home as well.

Protecting Your Home and Stopping the Water Damage

If you find your home does have a water leak, roof leak, or some other form of water damage occurring then it’s best to get it repaired as quickly as possible. Although that may not be immediately possible so you’ll need to do some things yourself. The first thing you’ll need to do is stop the water from coming in the home. If a drain is overflowing such as a washer malfunction, simply turn off the water supply. For pipes that are leaking you may need to turn off your main water supply as well to keep the water damage at a minimum.

You can also move items away from the water. In the case of a roof leaking there isn’t much you can do but you can move furniture and electronics out of the path of the water coming in. If there is lots of water on the flooring and in wall outlets, etc… it’s best to leave until you can get the home checked. Water and electricity can be dangerous and you should not attempt to go into water if wiring or outlets are exposed.


Do You Need a Professional Water Damage Restoration Company?

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