Five Questions You Should Always Ask Before You Hire a Roofer in Royal Oak Michigan

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When it comes to the roof of your home getting satisfactory repairs are satisfactory roof replacement in Royal Oak Michigan is crucial to protecting the home. Hiring the wrong roofer can lead to all sorts of problems both in the short-term and in the long-term of your roof. In fact, hiring the wrong roof company may mean that you need to replace the roof again much sooner than you imagined. There are many great roofing companies that can install your roof that are reputable licensed and insured however sometimes these are hard to find with so many fly-by-night companies. And the following article will look over five of the most important questions you should ask before you hire a roofer to replace a roof on your home or even make small repairs to your roof.

Five Questions You Should Always Ask Before You Hire a Roofer in Royal Oak Michigan

With so many roofers in business today opening the phone book you’ll quickly find many roofers that’ll come out and make roof repairs or replace your roof in Royal Oak Michigan. The question is are these the right roofers for your project. Make sure you follow the five following questions to learn more about whether you hire the right roofer for your home or not.

Five Questions You Should Always Ask Before You Hire a Roofer in Royal Oak Michigan

Does the roofing contractor offer free Roofing estimates?

Most reputable roofing contractors will offer some sort of free Roofing estimate or quote for a new roof. This may not always be the case for roof repairs but for complete roof replacements a well-known license roofer will likely offer free estimates. Not only that but you will look for certain specific items on the roofing estimate. The main item would be the materials used and the roofing replacement followed by the type of roofing installation that will take place whether it be re-roofing or complete removal of the old roof,  and the time frame of the complete roofing project. Make sure all these items are listed on the roofing estimate and it’s always best to get a few Roofing estimates from different contractors to determine which has the best price for you.

Does a roofing contractor have good reviews?

In today’s world online reviews are huge. Most roofing contractors will have a list of clients and past jobs that they will share with you to help show you they are a reputable roofing contractor. Many of these lists will have the address of the project done as well as the date the project was done. Take a trip one day and right through these neighborhoods I look at the way the roof looks now . I can give you a better idea of what your roof may look like in a few years and whether the roofing contractor is good or not.

Is my roof covered by warranty?

Mini of the roofing material manufacturers today offer some sort of warranty on their roofing products. These warranties can last from just a few years to over 50 years. However, Roofing warranties can be a bit fickle about how they’re honored. Having a roofer not properly trained or licensed install your new roof May in fact, void the warranty from the roofing manufacturer. As you can imagine this is a huge risk because it could mean you need to replace your roof if it fails in just a year or less. Always use licensed contractors to install your roof and it’s always better to find contractors who have manufacturer endorsements.

Are you licensed and insured?

Accidents happen. Protecting yourself and your home from liability from one of these accidents is crucial. Always make sure the roofing contractor or company you hire has the proper Insurance to work on your home and carries insurance on their employees or subcontractors.

Are you a local roofing contractor?

When there is a huge storm or natural disaster in the area one of the methods some roofing companies used to gain business is to move to these areas to offer services for roofing repair or roofing installation during that time. While it’s great that you can get a new roof installed quickly if your home needs it can lead to problems later. Once the roofing company has moved away from the area it can lead to long wait times before repairs can be done if there is a problem later. Be sure to call Royal Oak Remodeling Contractor for a free quote on your roofing project. We are a local roofing company that is fully licensed and insured. Plus, we offer free estimates! Call now to get started. 

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