Common Questions to Ask When Getting a New Roof in Royal Oak Michigan

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For most home owners the need for a roofing contractor to install a new roof is something that is very unfamiliar to them. Since most roofing materials installed today can last for decades the chance of needing roof installation over and again is rare. For most home owners there are always questions that are asked that we thought to include here. Not only to provide information for the roofing services we offer but if you plan on getting roofing work done on your home it’s good to know the answers to these questions from your roofing contractor. 

Common Questions to Ask When Getting a New Roof in Royal Oak Michigan

When getting a new roof installed on your Royal Oak Michigan home it’s important to always use properly licensed and insured roofing contractors such as Royal Oak Remodeling Contractor. By using a sub-par roofer you may get a new roof installed but it may not last like you want. Plus, the roof may not be covered under a warranty. If you don’t hire us, make sure you only use a fully qualified roofing contractor to protect your roof today and for years to come.

Common Questions to Ask When Getting a New Roof in Royal Oak Michigan

How Long with The Project Take to Complete?

Depending on the type of home improvement project you are having done which determine the length of time it will take for the project. For roof installation projects in Royal Oak Michigan we can typically install the roof on most homes in just a single day. We start in the morning and by the evening you have a completely new roof installed on your home. And just because we have the team members available to complete the project quickly doesn’t mean we cut any corners. All roofing is installed as required by manufacturers of the roofing materials such as GAF to ensure your warranty on the roofing is honored and will continue to protect you for years to come.

Will You Require a Contract?

Many home owners are a bit apprehensive about signing a contract for the roofing project but it’s actually to help both the contractor and the home owner. It helps to clear up any confusion about what the project is about, the costs involved, and more. We discuss the contract with home owners and explain any areas which need clarification. We do require a contract for most projects because it helps to outline the entire job and let you know exactly what we will be doing. It will also have details on the materials used and more. If you have any questions or comments about the contract that is presented to you be sure to ask the project manager for details or more information before the project begins.

Do You Need Someone Home When Work is Being Done?

In most cases you will not need to be home for us to complete the work on your home’s roof. In fact, with our one day roof service you can leave in the morning with an old leaky roof and get home that evening from work with a new roof installed and all debris from the old roof removed. For some other home improvement projects however we may require someone to be home but roof replacement projects can usually be completed with no one home.

Are There Options Other Than Shingles for My Roof?

Absolutely, at Royal Oak Remodeling Contractor we can discuss many different options for your home’s roof. Our expertise is shingle roofing but we also have experience in metal roofing. We can discuss many options in both of those materials for your home’s roof. Contact us today to get a free consultation and pricing.

What Makes Us Different

In just a few words: We Care. We’re not just here to install a new roof and get paid. Instead, we want to be part of this community. We care about our customers and we go above and beyond to make sure they are completely satisfied. We care about our work. All of the projects we complete are held to our own higher standards and we make sure it’s done correctly. So when you sum up our company and what makes us different it’s because we care.

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