Guide to Attic Remodeling in Plymouth Michigan

Newly Remodeled Attic in Michigan

It’s seems that no matter how large or small your home is there is simply never enough space to do exactly what you want. It doesn’t matter if you just need an area to store a few boxes of memories or a completely new room on your home, you may be able to achieve this with an attic remodel of your home. Building an area that is livable in your attic can give you more space and so much more. We’ve been looking at some of the attic remodel in Plymouth Michigan projects and included some tips in this article about remodeling your home’s attic. 

Guide to Attic Remodeling in Plymouth Michigan

Although you may think that the attic is cramped, dark, and generally not a place you’d like to spend time it’s actually an area that can transform into a room you may be spending most of your time in. One of the biggest hurdles that home owners have is removing some of the items from the attic in order to make the transformation. Many home owners will accumulate all sorts of items over the years and it can look like an episode of Hoarders on television. I’ll discuss some of the options that you may have and also what you can transform the space into.

Add a Quiet Home Office to Your Home

Is your kitchen table the usual place where household bills and business are conducted? If you’re like most people having a home office to keep all your important documents, paying bills, and conduct all the family business means you need a home office but can’t sacrifice a bedroom in your home to do so. An attic remodel can give you that place where you can put a home office. It’s out of the way and completely removed from the living area of the home which can protect the contents of the home office as well.


Transform the Space into a Child’s Bedroom

Have a few children that are growing up and demanding their own bedroom? The attic area of your home can make a great additional bedroom. It can also be used to create a play room as well for smaller children giving them a place to play. Sometimes attic ceilings can be a bit lower in spots which makes it a great spot for a kids bedroom.

Add a Home Gym to Your Home

Provided your attic has enough room you may want to add your own home gym to the attic space. Items like treadmills and stair climbers can take up huge amounts of space in the bedroom and having a place to work out in the attic can make you more focused and driven when working out. Consider adding motivational posters and such on walls. Even include a small refrigerator with healthy beverages for a great way to hydrate while working out. This is one home improvement project that can be amazing and save you some money from gym memberships as well.

Create Your Own Theater Room

Since most attics don’t have any windows already you may have to add one which will cost more. Or, if you want to take advantage of the dark space consider making your own home movie theater. Since there are no windows it makes a great area to show movies and such on a large television. Plus, with lower ceilings and smaller spaces that sound will likely be amazing as well. Be sure to add an area for beverages and popcorn cooking as well.

Hiring a Home Remodeling Contractor Can Help

Although an attic remodel in your home can add loads of livable space without any additional exterior construction it can be problematic if you don’t hire a home improvement contractor. Most attics simply don’t have the electrical wiring or plumbing if you’re adding a bathroom. This makes it very difficult for a do it yourself home improvement project. An attic remodel will typically require adding additional wiring to the home to accommodate the additional electrical outlets which should not be done by persons who aren’t properly qualified to do so. In order to get the most from your attic remodel make sure you use a home improvement company that is fully qualified and offers free estimates on the project or you could be risking your home.

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