Here’s the Financial Impact a Roof Leak Can Cause in Royal Oak Michigan

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From time to time your home may develop a roof leak. There are many factors and causes for your home getting a roof leak but when it happens it can have a financial impact on your family. Depending on how much of your home was damaged the impact can mean thousands of dollars. I’ll go over some of the financial impact and why you’ll want to get a roof inspection in Royal Oak Michigan if you suspect a roof leak on your home. 

Here’s the Financial Impact a Roof Leak Can Cause in Royal Oak Michigan

When a roof leak occurs on your home it’s usually small at first and then as time passes it can get larger and larger. This means that more and more water will be entering the home and more and more damage will be occurring. The earlier you can spot a roof leak and get roof repair Royal Oak Michigan for the leak the more money you’ll save on damages to your home. This is why it’s so important to get regular roof inspections on your home to help prevent roof leaks from starting to begin with.

Here's the Financial Impact a Roof Leak Can Cause in Royal Oak Michigan

Attic and Insulation in the Home

Some home will have an attic remodel done and may see damage just like in any other room. If your home’s attic is not remodeled and used as living area it’s a good chance that the initial damage will start here. As water enters the attic the insulation that is in your attic will become saturated with water. For insulation that is against the roofing deck the extra weight will usually cause it to collapse. You’ll lose the insulation in that area and also the insulation on the attic floor will likely become saturated. Sometimes simply drying the insulation out is okay, but sometimes it will need to be replaced costing a few hundred dollars in many cases.

Ceilings and Walls Affected by a Roof Leak

As water makes its way down through the attic area the next stop is the ceilings and walls of your home. Sometimes if the roof leak is caught early the drywall on ceilings and walls can simply be primed and painted again. However, if the roof leak is severe or has been leaking for a few times the drywall will likely need to be replaced. For homes with moldings or paneling on walls, this will also need to be replaced. This can cost hundreds of dollars in repairs depending on how large the area is and what type of paneling or molding is present.

Furniture, Appliances, and Home Decor

The home components can certainly cost a lot if damaged by a roof leak but it’s not all. Furniture and electronics that are located beneath where the home is leaking can be destroyed by a roof leak. Just a television or computer that is under a roof leak can cost hundreds of dollars and if the roof leak is severe it can mean damaging items in the room that can quickly add up to thousands of dollars. Take a look around your home and imagine if a roof leak occurred in your home’s living room. If the majority of items were damaged what would you asses the cost of this roof leak. This sort of financial impact of a roof leak can really open your eyes to what a simple roof leak can do in terms of monetary value and cost.

Commercial Impact of a Roof Leak

While a roof leak in a residential home is bad and can cost thousands of dollars depending on the severity it’s much worse in a commercial setting. Sometimes a roof leak can cause damages to merchandise which can be costly. And if the roof leak is severe the business may need to shut down which can really be costly depending on the time and flow of business they typically generate at this time.

Get a Roof Inspection to Prevent Roof Leaks

One way to help prevent roof leaks from occurring is to get regular roof inspections on your home or commercial building. Getting an annual roof inspection in Royal Oak Michigan can help to prevent damage to your roof and interior of your home by fixing any potential problems with your roof. Call Troy Roofing Pros today to set up your roof inspection at 248-509-8015