Here’s Why It Is Crucial to Get a Roof Inspection in Royal Oak Michigan Each Year

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The roof on your home was likely designed to last multiple decades. However, when it comes to roofing there are all sorts of things that can go wrong, and when they do it can lead to loads of damage to the interior of your home. Even with a newer roof, you may have problems that can threaten the interior of your home with damages. From wildlife that can wreak havoc on the roof to a branch falling onto the roof that damages the roof. Getting a roof inspection in Royal Oak Michigan by a qualified roofing contractor can help to protect your home and roof from damage. Here’s why it’s so critical that you get a regular inspection on your home’s roof in Royal Oak Michigan.

Here’s Why It Is Crucial to Get a Roof Inspection in Royal Oak Michigan Each Year

The roofing on your home needs regular maintenance. Much like you would never drive your car for years without getting an oil change, your home’s roof should get the same regular maintenance. Although it won’t be every 3,000 miles, you do need to get the roof of your home inspected every year especially if it’s over 5 years old. Many of the roofing problems that occur on the roof actually start small and over time will damage more and more of the roof. Getting a full roof inspection on your home will require a fully qualified roofing contractor such as Royal Oak Remodeling Contractor however there are some things you can check for regularly to determine if there are any problems.

Here's Why It Is Crucial to Get a Roof Inspection in Royal Oak Michigan Each Year

Stop Potential Mold Growth in the Home

A big problem that many homeowners never consider when talking about roof damage is mold growth in the home. Mold can start growing in your home quickly if the right conditions are met. And usually, when there is a roof leak on your home it provides an environment that is perfect for mold growth. And what’s really bad is the homeowner may not even know anything about it. The roof leak can be slow enough that it doesn’t show inside the home at all which can quickly cause problems. A slow roof leak can lead to damages inside the attic and one of those problems is mold growth in the home. You can go into your attic and look for signs of a roof leak which can stop this problem or at least minimize the damage.

Better Understand the Condition of Your Home’s Roof

Most roofing materials today last at least 15 years. The warranty on the roofing material can help you better understand just how long the roof should last. Longer warranty roofs are usually higher quality and last much longer. However, they usually come at a premium in price. Determining the life left in your roof can be done with a properly qualified contractor in Royal Oak Michigan however. The roofer will inspect the roofing surface looking for signs of failing including curled shingles or granule loss on the shingles. This part of the roof inspection should only be done by a properly qualified roofing contractor and not a homeowner. We do not advise going onto the roof of your home as this can be dangerous.

Get Any Problems Repaired

When there is a problem on your home’s roof it’s always best to get it repaired quickly. However, many times you may not even realize there is a problem on your home’s roof until you have a roof inspection. A roof inspection may show a problem on your home’s roof that can potentially be a roof leak. These potential problems can be repaired before they cause any damage to the interior of your home. Having a qualified roofing contractor find potential problems and repair them before they  become a roof leak can save money by preventing damage to your home.

Call Royal Oak Remodeling Contractor Today for a Roof Inspection

if you want to know more about the condition of your home’s roof and determine if there are any problems be sure to call Royal Oak Remodeling Contractor. We can inspect your home’s roof and if there are any problems we can repair the roof to prevent any damage from occurring in your home. Call us today to set up your appointment.

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