Tips for Hiring a Handyman in Royal Oak MI

Hiring a Handyman in Royal Oak MI

Are you thinking about hiring a handyman in Royal Oaks, MI? If you are, there are some things you need to know first. Before you hire any kind of contractor, there are things you need to check and things you need to find out. Finding out who the handyman is and finding out his history will truly help you in the long run. The last thing you want to do is bring a criminal into your home. And you surely don’t want to bring a criminal around your kids and family, especially your kids, if you have kids. You really can’t trust people these days and that’s why, we here at Royal Oak Contractors, have compiled a list of things you need to know and find out before hiring any handyman to do work on your home. Continue reading this article to learn more about questions you need to ask and things you need to find out before hiring a handyman in Royal Oak, MI, to do work on your home or other projects.

Tips for Hiring a Handyman in Royal Oak MI

Learn to Do Extensive Research on a Person or Company

No matter what type of handyman you are looking for, the first thing you will want to do, is research the person or company. Start by finding four to six people or companies that you can research. This is your first step and this is a very important step. In this first step, you will need to find out the following about the handymen or the company for which they work for:

  1. Website with portfolio of the handyman’s work
  2. Check out the handyman’s prices and compare the prices with the other handymen you are researching
  3. Ask for their or their companies’ license number so you can research that as well
  4. Testimonials on the company or handyman
  5. Reviews on the company or handyman
  6. Ask each person or company that you are researching for an estimated amount of time needed t complete the project you are hiring them for
  7. Ask the handymen or companies how much experience they have with working on the project you have

Hiring a Handyman in Royal Oak MI 2

Narrowing Down Your Choices for a Handyman in Royal Oak MI

Now comes the hard part, narrowing the handymen down to just two or three to choose from. This is an important step and you really have to do your homework in this step of the process. So, let’s dig up the history on the few handymen you have chosen to dig even further into. In this step of what you need to know before hiring a handyman in Royal Oak MI. So let’s take a moment and look at some of the things you need to ask the few handymen that you have narrowed your search down to:

  1. How much experience do you have with the particular project that I need done
  2. How many yeas of experience do you have with the company you are currently with
  3. Do you have a portfolio of your work or images you can let me see that is similar to what I am asking for.
  4. How long do you think my project will take you to complete?
  5. Give me an estimate of what you will charge for this project?
  6. Can you give me a few references that I can contact on your behalf to find out how satisfied they were with your work?

Hiring the Best of the Best When It Comes to Handymen in Royal Oak Michigan

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