Increase Your Home’s Value with Exterior Home Improvement

Home Remodel in Michigan for the Exterior

Whether you want to sell your home or not it’s always best to do home improvement projects that will add to the value of your home. Some home improvement projects that many home owners do may improve the functionality of the home and make it better for them but it may not increase the value of the home. One way to ensure the value of the home increases after a project is done is to make sure you increase the curb appeal of the home. The best way to increase the curb appeal is to do exterior home improvement projects in Michigan. In this article I’ll go over some of the home improvement projects you can do on your home’s exterior. 

Increase Your Home’s Value with Exterior Home Improvement

The following exterior home improvement projects can have different price points but they will all likely increase the curb appeal of your home. Some of which can also increase the energy efficiency of your home as well. Here are some of the major exterior home improvement projects that you can do for your home:

  • Siding installation for your home in Michigan
  • Replacement windows for your home in Michigan
  • Landscape projects
  • Painting and adding vinyl wraps to your home

These are just some of the  exterior home improvement projects you can do on your home. I’ll go over each project below in more details and give you more information on why these projects may be such a good idea.

Siding Installation on Your Home

Siding for a home has really come a long way in the last few decades. Aluminum and vinyl siding were very popular a few decades ago but today siding products have really advanced. You can still get these types of siding (aluminum & vinyl) but there are also more choices as well. Another popular choice of siding in Michigan is James Hardie siding which is a fiber cement board siding. It’s becoming very popular and comes in a variety of styles and colors.

You can also still use vinyl siding on your home too. Today’s vinyl siding is made with a more durability and the ability to prevent UV light from making them fade which was a problem with earlier siding made from vinyl. You can also get vinyl siding installed that resembles different types of siding materials including wooden lap siding, cedar shakes, and more. Vinyl siding also comes in a variety of colors to choose from. It’s also one of the most economical materials when it comes to adding siding to your home.

Adding New Replacement Windows on Your Home

If you’re wanting to make your home’s value go up because of curb appeal and energy efficiency then consider replacing the windows in your home. Newer windows are much more energy efficient and can really make an impact on how your home looks. If your home has wooden windows currently installed you can also get vinyl replacement windows in Michigan to replace them and mimic the appearance of wooden windows.

Increase Your Home's Value with Exterior Home Improvement

Newer windows are much more energy efficient and can really make an impact on how your home looks.

Create a Great Looking Landscape for Your Michigan Home

A great looking landscaping done on your home can certainly improve it’s curb appeal. If your landscape is a little bland be sure to get some landscaping help with design and planting to really make it stand out.

Painting Areas of Your Exterior or Adding Vinyl Wrapping

Some homes have areas that need painting. Home maintenance such as painting areas on the exterior of a home can be a bit cumbersome after some time. Consider adding vinyl wraps to areas that require painting. It can add a great look and cut down on maintenance on the exterior of the home. Plus, vinyl wrapping areas of your home can make them weather much better as well without the normal fading and dinginess of painting.

Using a Home Improvement Contractor for Your Exterior Projects

Improving the curb appeal of your home with the exterior home improvement projects from above. But make sure you use a fully qualified home improvement contractor in Michigan to do so. We regularly recommend contractors here at Royal Oak Remodeling Contractor. For exterior home improvement projects be sure to check out All Point Construction in Michigan.


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