Make Sure To Check These Points When Getting a Roofing Contractor in Royal Oak Michigan

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A major roof repair or a full replacement is something that can prove to be overwhelming for the homeowner. What may start off as a small problem can quickly escalate if it’s not dealt with. Getting a roof repair or roof replacement in Royal Oak Michigan needs to be done by a qualified professional however. 

Make Sure To Check These Points When Getting a Roofing Contractor in Royal Oak Michigan

When choosing a particular roofing contractor in Royal Oak Michigan that is trustworthy, and who is the right choice for you, there is a quick checklist for you to make sure to go through. The list is as follows:

Do make sure that you know and understand the full magnitude of the roof project: What will the roofing contractor decide to do? Will he be doing spot repairs or replacing the entire roof? What underlayment will the contractor use for the ceiling? Please make sure that you know the pros and cons of the different solutions that are available and that everything will be detailed in your contract.
Ask what the clean-up process and waste removal will be about: Get with your contractor and confirm that they will be responsible for taking away all of the old materials and cleaning up the site after the work has been completed. A roofing company that is quality will make sure to sweep your property for old nails and debris.

Make Sure To Check These Points When Getting a Roofing Contractor in Royal Oak Michigan

You should consider your gutters and landscaping first: A roofing job will need the usage of ladders. Ladders can damage when they are leaned up against channels or stuck in your garden. How can your roofer protect from damage or fix things once the job is done? XYZ Company will always make sure to cover the sensitive areas belonging to your yard. These areas include flower beds, pools, patios, etc. to ensure they are protected from roofing related debris of any kind.

Make sure to plan for any lousy weather: What happens if bad weather occurs while your roofing project is going on? You should ask your roofer about what will be done to protect your home in the case of rain or hail. A roofing company that is good will watch the weather and plan accordingly to that weather, to quickly cover up any unfinished roofing areas.

You should check on your insurance coverage: If the project is for fixing up damage, you do need to check your homeowner’s insurance to make sure if your particular project is covered or not and just how you must proceed if it is. You do also want to check on your contractor’s insurance for some things like worker’s compensation, property damage, and personal liability.

Different contractors provide different roofing systems: Roofing contractors must be certified to install specific types of roofs. You should check with manufacturers to make sure that your contractor is approved for their operation. Two of the biggest manufacturers for residential roofing systems in the United States are no other than GAF and CertainTeed. Do make sure that your roofer is fully certified with the manufacturers or you do risk not having the manufacturers warrant that you require for your roof!

There are ways to about expanding the life of your roof:

Clear away any dead or overhanging branches: Get a professional tree service to evaluate any branches that are hanging over your roof and decide whether or not they can become a risk. If the branches are dead, this increases the chance of them falling on your roof. Also, the heavily shaded areas for your shelter can keep moisture, which sometimes can lead to mold. The regular trimmings of overhanging branches can help your roof dry in a uniform way.

Check for any hail damage: After any strong storms, especially of the hailstorm variety, one has to have an experienced roofing contractor inspect his or her roof. If there are any dimples or cracks on the shingles, it could mean that hail damage has happened. Royal Oak Remodeling Contractor does recommend you have your roof inspected at least once yearly or when any significant weather occurrence like hail or a storm has come to your neighborhood.

Be sure to contact Royal Oak Remodeling Contractor today if you suspect there is a problem on your home’s roof. Royal Oak Remodeling Contractor has roofing experts on staff that can quickly identify and remedy your roofing problems. Call now at 248-509-8010 to get a free estimate.

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