Should You Attempt DIY Roof Repair in Royal Oak Michigan?

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We all want to save money. But truth be told, roof repair is one of the more dangerous jobs an amateur can attempt to undertake. Chances of you having the right safety equipment, using said safety equipment and being fully knowledgeable of anything that could possibly go wrong while you are trying to pull that rotted piece of plywood up are low. Do-it-yourselfers can quickly and easily cause more damage than the roof is in initially. Plus, you can get seriously injured by attempting a DIY roof repair on your home. It’s always best to call a professional roofer in Royal Oak Michigan when you have a roof leak.

Should You Attempt DIY Roof Repair in Royal Oak Michigan?

Roofing Is Dangerous. How dangerous? In 2016 it was the 4th MOST DANGEROUS JOB IN AMERICA. The Marine Corp wasn’t even in the top twenty-five.

Should You Attempt DIY Roof Repair in Royal Oak Michigan?

It Will Probably Cost You More

  • You’ve never done this before. There is going to be a learning curve, and learning curves cost money. Tools will break from improper use, or you may be using the wrong tool to begin with. You will either buy to many materials, to few materials or the wrong materials. Let’s not forget having to pay for what businesses call “Training losses”. That means the mess up’s you have to fix from scratch, generally requiring a trip to the supply store.

It Will Probably Cost You More – Part II

  • Aside from the costs of materials, transporting said materials is expensive. The gas and wear on your truck will take its toll on your wallet. There is also the chance of improperly strapping down materials and having them falling out of your truck in the middle of driving home. Beyond all of these expenses, statistics aren’t in your favor. Most DIY roofing projects end up compounding into having to spend even more on hiring professionals to redo all of your work and then some.

Goodbye Warranty

  • Doing your own repair work on anything generally voids the warranty. This is true for vehicles, tools and all of the things you can nail to a roof. Warranties on things like shingles are actually there to protect you in the case of bad contractors, or faulty products. As soon as you swing that hammer it all comes out of your pocket.

Possible Lawsuits

  • It’s bad enough that you may get injured during this endeavor. Worst yet, you are legally liable for anyone else working with you. Anyone hurt while helping you repair your roof will have grounds for a personal injury lawsuit. At the very least you will be responsible for their medical bills.

Speaking of Legal

  • Certain roofing jobs do require certain permits. A contractor would know which ones for which jobs, but chances are this is the first time you’ve heard of them.

A Home With a Bad Roof

  • Inexperienced work on a roof can lead to being worse off than where you started. Instead of having some rotting wood or missing shingles, now you have several leaks from improper nail jobs. Not to mention improper installation of roofing materials can lead them to needing replaced far before their time.

The Bad Pinch

  • Like most do-it-yourselfers, one of the reasons you probably hopped on this path is because you’re financially minded. This is a great thing, but you might not know when to spend an extra buck during a roof installation. Chances are you will try to gather the cheapest version of any given material and resource.

You Might Skip a Step

  • You might get so overwhelmed that you skip a crucial step. You may miss something small like forgetting to tack a shingle down and step on it while packing materials from one side of the roof to the next. This one little miss-step just put you in the hospital, since you probably weren’t wearing your safety harness.

Did You Make It This Far?

You are not a lesser person if you have to hire someone to do your roofing work. This is a dangerous and complex job that is better left to professionals. Your choice to not cheat to save a little money will probably save you money anyway, as well as lives. If you have any questions about roof repair or installation in Royal Oak Michigan, call Royal Oak Remodeling Contractor at 248-509-8010

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