Tips for a Split Level Home Remodel

Tips for a Split Level Home Remodel

Having a split level home can sometimes seem as if there isn’t much you can do in terms of home remodeling. However, with these tips for a split level home remodel you can make the most of your home. We’ve also included some problems that many home owners of split level homes run into and how you can avoid them.¬†

Tips for a Split Level Home Remodel

One of the more difficult homes to sell is a split level home. People simply don’t consider these types of homes modern anymore. Mainly because a home remodel on a split level home is a bit different than a standard built home of today. This means that most of the split level homes on the market haven’t been updated in some time and I think this is the reason why there’s not much of a call for them. Updating a split level home with the latest and most modern components can have your home in the same price per square foot of traditional homes however. The following tips can help you make the most of your split level home remodel.

Work Inside the Box on Your Split Level Home

Many people consider split level homes to be a sort of collection of boxes. The boxes house rooms such as a bedroom, bathroom, and maybe even a living area. For a home remodel project to be less expensive, less of a headache, and less time consuming it’s important that you work inside the box. If you have three or four rooms on the same level then those are the rooms that need attention.

Many people run into all sorts of problems when they attempt to combine rooms from different levels or boxes. Many times load bearing walls are located on the edges of the boxes so removing those walls means you’ll need to add support for that area. Staying inside the box will usually avoid many problems like this.

Removing walls and such to make rooms bigger or smaller also needs to be checked for load bearing walls. Do not remove a load bearing wall without some type of support in place. Parts of your home could come crashing down on top of you! If you’re in doubt it’s best to contact a home improvement contractor for help.

Consider Moving the Kitchen in a Split Level Home

Consider Switching Rooms in a Split Level Home

Try and keep the kitchen and main living area together to give the home a more modern look and feel.
Many of the older split level homes have the kitchen and living area away from each other. In modern designs these two rooms are almost always beside each other. Even without an open floor plan keeping the two rooms together should help to make the home more modern.

You may need to switch rooms around to make this possible. For instance, change a kitchen and bedroom  around. Although this type of home remodel may be a bit more expensive it should pay off if you decide to sell your home.

Always Get an Estimate if You’re Hiring a Contractor

If you’re considering hiring a home improvement contractor to do the split level home remodel then be sure to get an estimate on the work to be done. Many home improvement contractors will offer a free estimate so you don’t need to risk anything other than some time.

Have You Remodeled a Split Level Home and Want to Show it Off?

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