Steps You Should Take In Your Home if You Have Water Damage in Royal Oak Michigan

Water can cause all sorts of damage to the interior of your home. Not just parts of the home itself but also many components that are located in the home such as electronics and furniture. When a problem occurs at your home such as a roof leak or burst water pipe getting the water damage under control as quickly as possible is a must. I’ll include some steps you should take if you notice water damage in your Royal Oak Michigan home and what you should do to keep costs down and minimize the damage from water. 

Steps You Should Take In Your Home if You Have Water Damage in Royal Oak Michigan

First thing you’ll need to realize is that water damage can occur at any time for a variety of reasons. A leaking roof can cause water to enter the home and cause water damage each time it rains. Or a water pipe can freeze and burst spilling lots of water into the home quickly. In either case there are steps you can take to minimize the damage. If the damage is significant it’s always best to call a restoration company in Royal Oak Michigan to help with the process.

Steps You Should Take In Your Home if You Have Water Damage in Royal Oak Michigan

1 – Get to the Source of the Problem if Possible

There is usually a source for the water that is coming into your home. If the problem is a leaking roof there may not be much you can do as a home owner other than call a roofing contractor to come out and make roof repair Royal Oak Michigan. However, not all water damage problems are associated with a roof leak. An over filling toilet or bathtub on a second level can cause all sorts of disaster. If the problem is a water pipe that has broken or leaking you can sometimes turn off the water to stop the water from entering the home.

2 – Consider Safety Factors of the Situation

One thing you’ll need to consider before making any sort of actions is the safety of the situation. If water is rushing into an area with electrical cords and outlets then it’s best to leave the area. If there are rooms in your home that have water damage in walls with electrical outlets or boxes then it’s best to leave the repair work to professionals.

3 – Salvage and Move Items if Possible

If your roof is leaking and the water is coming into your home in a specific area then try to move items away from the damaged area if they are not wet. Moving electronics and furniture can greatly reduce damages. Of course if the items are wet it’s best to allow them to dry out completely before using them again. Rugs will also need to be removed and allowed to dry before returning to the home.

4 – Start the Drying Process

Once you have the source of the water stopped then it’s time to start the drying process. Everything that was affected by the water leak needs to be dried as quickly as possible. Furniture and rugs are two of the main things that most people never consider but can be two of the items that takes the longest to dry. Place fans and de-humidifiers in the home to try to dry the walls, floors, and ceilings where water damage has occurred. Make sure the home is completely dry before attempting to replace items or rebuild. Allowing the moisture to sit in the home for extended periods or not allowing the items to dry completely can lead to mold growth in the home.

5 – Know When You’re Over Your Head

Homes can be damaged by water in a variety of ways. Small amounts of water damage can be handled by the home owner in most cases but sometimes it’s best to use a professional water damage restoration company to help. A water damage restoration contractor will have the needed equipment to stop the water from entering the home and also have all the equipment and industrial strength fans to dry the home very quickly. If you need help with water damage in your Royal Oak home be sure to call Michigan Restoration Pros today at (248) 509-8104. You can also read more about their water damage service and other services they offer on their website at



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