The Best Remodels in Royal Oak Michigan For Even The Smallest Of Spaces

Remodeling in a Home

For anyone living in a smaller home you know how important it is to plan out and maximize your space. The layout of your home can either work for you or work against you and with smaller spaces it is an absolute necessity in order to have both functionality and aesthetic. To get the most out of your square footage it can be helpful to put some money towards home remodel in Royal Oak Michigan. Whether your goal is to gain more space, or just want to update the overall appeal, there are a few different remodels that you can do to accomplish this in the small spaces.

The Best Remodels in Royal Oak Michigan For Even The Smallest Of Spaces

Improving your home with a home remodel can help in a variety of ways. Some things you’ll want to keep in mind is just what a home remodel can do for you and more importantly, let it help make better choices when remodeling. When getting a home remodel it should make the home more functional which we’ll focus more on here. But it should also help the energy efficiency of the home and increase the home’s value and curb appeal. When choosing a home remodel project be sure to keep these things in mind. We’ve listed some home remodel projects below that can help!

The Best Remodels in Royal Oak Michigan For Even The Smallest Of Spaces

Connect Your Rooms

Connecting rooms is a great way to not only gain extra space, but create an open concept to your home. You can do this one of two ways, one involves taking down wall and the other does not. Whether because of a lease or because of the overall structural design of the home, sometimes it is just not feasible to remove walls. In these instances it can be helpful to consider options like interior windows. This allows you to pass through the space as you need and can choose to either keep the panes open or close them to regain the separation of spaces. Curtains can be added as well to separate the rooms further if you desire, or you can leave the panes unobstructed to allow the appearance of more floor space.

Update Your Closet Space

Closets can easily eat up vital floor space in a tiny home. So it is important to consider what you have to store, how much space you need to store your things and what ways you can store them to save space. Closets that are already existing in the home can be designed to accommodate much more than you have or store things that you do not need to store. So it can be much more efficient to remove the existing closets entirely and have custom storage space installed. This can transform your floor space from taking up space with a closet to having everything on or against the wall. Considering a home can have two or more closets included in the design you can gain anywhere from four square feet to over a dozen square feet to do as you want with. Getting creative with storage rather than relying on the existing storage can also provide you with much more organization rather than just having to try to work with what has been provided.

Makeover The Bathroom

Bathrooms are another part of the home that can either eat up a lot of square footage or be overly cramped if not designed to reflect the rest of the home. Consider the necessities in your bathroom and what you can do without. For example, if you need to have a bathtub and a shower then opt for a two in one set up rather than having the two separately in your bathroom. You can also completely forgo the tub to save even more space. You can also remove the under the sink storage for shelving over the sink, on the walls and over the toilet. This allows you to store things underneath the sink if you need to, but you won’t need to worry about it taking up more space than you need. You can also install flooring so the design flows horizontally rather than vertically to give the bathroom the appearance of more space.

As you can see there are many things you can do in terms of a home remodel in Royal Oak Michigan even for small spaces. Be sure to call Royal Oak Remodeling Contractor today to get a free quote on remodeling for your home remodel project!

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