The Dangers of Ice Dam Formation on Your Royal Oak Michigan Roofing

In colder weather climates like Royal Oak Michigan you may have a condition on your home’s roof known as a roof ice dam. Many homes will have this problem and some will develop into a very serious roof leak and can cause all sorts of damage on your home. Making sure your home’s roofing in Royal Oak Michigan is performing as it should and protection in place to prevent ice dams is key to preventing this common problem. We’ll explain more about roof ice dams and what you should know to keep your home protected below.

The Dangers of Ice Dam Formation on Your Royal Oak Michigan Roofing

If you live in a cold weather climate such as Royal Oak Michigan chances are you will see significant winter weather in the cold months, and you’ll certainly want to be concerned about ice dams forming on your home’s eaves and roofing. What is an Ice Dam, though? How do they form and how can they be prevented? Read more about how ice dams are created and what you can do to prevent damage from them.

The Dangers of Ice Dam Formation on Your Royal Oak Michigan Roofing

Ice Dam Forming on Your Home

Roof ice dams form when accumulated snow melts under the sunshine then refreezes in the cold air. This forms large sheets of ice around the roofline, often right above the gutters. The snow can also melt if your attic gets too warm and then it will refreeze once it drains to a colder area of the roof. These large sheets can be really thick and will freeze hard. Roof ice dams are not instantaneous occurrences as many believe. They form over time and weather plays a key role in how fast they are formed. Days which are warm with colder nights is usually a key condition for roof ice dams to form.

Dangers of Ice Dams

Roof ice dams on your home are dangerous for a couple of reasons. These large sheets of ice can cause damage to shingles if ice is able to form under the shingles themselves. These are also similar to icicles in that they are fragile and can break off and fall to the ground. This can cause damage to anything in its path or it can even injure any people or animals that could be below. Sometimes the damage to shingles and other roofing components isn’t realized until the ice completely melts away which can be a long period of time after the roof ice dam initially formed. If you notice any ice on the eaves of your home you’ll certainly want to get a roof inspection on your home when it melts away to determine if there was any damage to the shingles of your home.

How to Prevent Ice Dams

A big problem with roof ice dams is that there isn’t much you can do about roof ice dams once they’ve formed on your home. What you can do, however, is try to prevent them from forming altogether by keeping snow from accumulating and settling on your roof. After a snowstorm, you should use a snow rake to remove most of the snow from your roof. This way any remaining snow that melts isn’t enough to form a large thick ice dam that is capable of doing significant damage. You should not go onto the roof to do this however. Also when clearing your home’s roof of snow be sure to only use specified tools to do so or you may damage the shingles on your home.

Another way to help prevent ice dams is to properly insulate your attic. When properly insulated, the heat from your attic won’t be able to leak through and melt the snow on your roof. You’ll also benefit from better energy efficiency from this since you won’t be losing heat through your attic. Proper ventilation can also help to prevent roof ice dams as well. And when you have a new roof installed in Royal Oak Michigan be sure to have the roofing contractor install a barrier for roof ice dam protection.

If you are concerned about your home’s roofing and whether it’s ready for snowy winter weather be sure to call Royal Oak Remodeling Contractor today at 248-509-8010 for a roof inspection on your home’s roof.