The Importance of Roof Ventilation in Royal Oak Michigan

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Did you know your roof needs to ‘breathe’? Most people don’t realize that the roof of their home actually needs proper ventilation to perform like it should. Improper ventilation on the roof can lead to all sorts of problems including mold growth in your home. There are many reasons why your roof ventilation may fail and keeping it in good working order means you’ll need a roofing contractor in Royal Oak Michigan to routinely inspect the roof and the ventilation. Here’s why it’s so important to keep your ventilation in good shape. 

The Importance of Roof Ventilation in Royal Oak Michigan

Ensuring that the roof and attic on your Royal Oak Michigan home are properly ventilated tie in closely to roof maintenance of the home. Any qualified roofing company in Royal Oak Michigan should be able to perform this type of work. The following are 5 important things to know regarding the quality of your home’s roof ventilation:

The Importance of Roof Ventilation in Royal Oak Michigan

Poor Ventilation Can Cause Water Damage

When your roof isn’t properly ventilated as it should, this gives hot air the opportunity to collect against your roof. With nowhere else to go, this hot air is going to naturally heat your roof up. As you can imagine, this would be detrimental during the summertime.

Additionally, poor ventilation will also make your roof more susceptible to water damage. When the temperature drops, residual moisture from rain and snow can eventually turn into ice. These ice dams will slowly melt over time, creating pools of concentrated water. Not only can this damage the integrity of your roof, but it can also start to build up mildew which can promote mold growth in the home and attic.

Proper Ventilation of the Roof Means Lower Bills

When it comes to roof ventilation in your home, you never want to opt for the bare minimum. Airflow is an important function that should happen freely. If your roof is properly ventilated, you will likely have a lower electricity bill in the Summer due to not having to run the AC as much.

The ventilation in your home is designed to naturally cool your home by allowing the cold air through (in controlled increments). This not only helps to save energy but it also provides a way for any humidity that is caught in the attic to escape.

Always Protect Your Vents 

All of your vent openings should be covered by protective screens. Not only is this a way to ensure that they stay free of debris, but this is also meant to keep rodents and termites out. Keep in mind that the smaller the screen openings are, the less air can flow through. A consultation with your roofer might be a good idea to determine what size you need in order to keep the pests out, but to also ensure that your vents work well.

Attic Fans Aren’t Optimal

A lot of homeowners believe that keeping an electric fan inside of the attic is a way to encourage air flow without relying on the ventilation. The problem with these types of fans is that they require airflow in order to circulate cool air. Any fan that is placed in an attic with no existing airflow is just going to blow around the same stale air.

Having a fan also pushing the air out of your vents faster than normal, causing a vacuum-like effect. This can cause air to seep into the attic from rooms below, and this is a problem because you would be losing cooled air. So remember, the only time an attic fan would be a smart choice is when there are no holes in your floor and ample intake vents. Plus the energy the fans use can cost more and more depending on the ventilation you have installed in your home.

Balance is Key

Just as much attention should be paid to both intake and output. Make sure that your vents and your exhaust areas balance each other out and are equivalent. The goal is to create an even flow of circulating air. When hiring a contractor, you will simply have to explain that you want your ventilation to be balanced, and they will be able to handle the rest.

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