Unseen Threats Caused By A Roof Leak in Royal Oak Michigan

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Roof leaks are never something a homeowner wants to deal with. The classic scene of pots and buckets collecting drips from above can seem like an annoyance, but can actually be much worse. Water getting through your roof and into your home will stand and collect for a while before dripping from your ceiling. While it sits, it can wreak havoc on your home, without you ever seeing it. Getting a roof contractor in Royal Oak Michigan out to your home to repair any leak you may have quickly is important. In fact, the faster you deal with a roof leak the more damage you can prevent in your home. It’s not always the water leaking in the home that is the problem however, we’ll talk about some of the problems you may have in your home from a roof leak that you may have not even considered.

Unseen Threats Caused By A Roof Leak in Royal Oak Michigan

As water leaks into your home from a roof leak it can lead to all sorts of problems. From the initial stains to your walls and ceilings to the water soaked furniture that you may need to deal with. There are always problems associated roof leaks and water coming into your home. While some of these threats are easily noticed, there are some that may not be as noticeable as you might think. In addition to the brown water stains and dripping, there are other, far more serious threats that have most likely already started by the time you see it on your ceiling. Here are some of those problems you may have with a roof leak on your home:

Unseen Threats Caused By A Roof Leak in Royal Oak Michigan

Mold and Mildew

When water is able to get through your roof and into your home, there is very little chance that it will be able to fully dry. The dark and damp conditions make it perfect for things like mildew and mold to thrive. Mildew is foul smelling and can be very difficult to fully remove any traces in the porous materials. Mold can quickly spread from the attic to the rest of your home. This not only creates a bad smell and appearance, but can be hazardous to your health.

Mold, especially black mold, can be toxic to all who inhabit the home. From skin problems to allergies, and even respiratory issues, mold can effect children, adults and even pets. The only way to fully eradicate mold is to remove it completely. This can mean removing and replacing furniture, structural beams, and anything else the mold has gotten into. Many times you’ll need a home restoration contractor to remove the mold from your home.  

Structural Damage

Because your home’s structure is made from wood and wood beams, they are very easily effected by water damage. Just like wood windows or siding, when moisture is continuously around the wood, you will see things like warping, rotting and molding.

Warping and rotting are incredibly problematic for your home because it means that the structural integrity is decreased. This can make your home unsafe to live in because of cave ins. Unless you can stop it before it gets too out of control, you are looking at very costly repairs to replace all the effected structural pieces.

Fire and Shock Hazards

There is wiring all throughout your home, including your attic. As water comes through your roof it can get into the smallest spaces, and can get into the wiring. When the wiring and water mix this is a recipe for problems. You can end up with sparks that can turn into a fire as they mingle with the surrounding wood. Sparks can occur at any time and can make it very easy for a fire to start and claim your home.

Shocks are also a potentially deadly problem. The hazard of water coming in contact with electrical wiring or boxes is not just a painful shock. With enough electricity connected to the water, the shock can be strong enough to stop your heart and kill you. This makes it crucial to avoid electronics or water by electronics until a professional can properly take care of the threat.

When it comes to a roof leak, take action. Don’t wait until the next time it rains. Instead call Royal Oak Remodeling Contractor to make repairs to your home’s roof and prevent these threats from occurring. Call us today for a free quote!

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